How physically fit do I have to be to take karate classes?

You do not have to be an athlete to learn karate. The importance of the art is the practice: the energy, patience, and effort that you put into your training.

How often should I train?

Two times a week is recommended. Also try to practice at home, if that is a safe place to work out.

Do you provide childcare?

Free childcare is available on request for all onsite adult classes and some dojo events. All students contribute to the cost of childcare workers through their monthly fees. Parents/Guardians must make arrangements for childcare at least three days in advance.

How much do classes cost?

Brooklyn Goju is a school that is dependent on student fees, which are charged according to the student’s annual household income (or the income of the person supporting the student). Brooklyn Goju’s sliding fee scale was developed to make our classes more accessible to all who want to train. It has been a core belief since the beginning that students should pay fees according to their income. It is very important that students represent their income honestly when registering, and pay the amount indicated for that income. Please let us know if your financial situation changes (for better or worse) so we can adjust your fees. Fees should be paid at the beginning of each month.

 What should I wear?

Please wear a full gi (karate uniform) if you have one, or wear loose clothing — lightweight long pants and a solid-color short sleeve or muscle t-shirt (without logos or writing) or a Brooklyn Goju (or CAE or BWMA t-shirt) to class. Bras, sleeveless tops, camisoles, and shorts are not acceptable outerwear on the training floor. If you have difficulty tolerating the heat during warm weather months, you do not have to wear the gi top. When you leave the changing area, you should be fully dressed and ready for class.

If you decide that you like training, consider buying a gi. For certain exercises, especially sparring work, this kind of loose garment made of sturdy material is useful. We wear black gis and you can buy one at most martial arts stores in the city or online.

A gi usually comes with a white belt; don’t wear the belt, but you must wear a t-shirt under the jacket. (Please note: gis are cut to fit individual who were assigned male at birth — long and narrow. To get a better idea of size you should ask a student who is approximately your size to try on their gi. Depending on the size you need, you may need a custom-made gi — talk with staff for more information).

 All jewelry should be removed before you step onto the training floor. If you wear jewelry you cannot remove (such as a new piercing), bring your own medical or athletic tape (or other item) to cover it during class.

We generally train barefoot. Street shoes may not be worn on the training floor. If you need to protect certain injuries, disabilities, or to support your feet, please bring training shoes. Please leave your street shoes by the front door.

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